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Spotify - a set of online services and desktop client for listening to music as a cloud, and stored on your computer. The service was launched in 2008 in Sweden, very quickly gained popularity and is now available in almost all European countries and the United States. Spotify offers listening to more than 10 million tracks of various genres, as well as many other features. In this article you will find a brief overview of the service, as well as learn how to use it in our conditions.

Listening to music is done by a special software player. Currently, there are versions for Windows, Mac, Linux, as well as all mobile platforms. Download the program can be completely free from the site, but use it just will not work - when you run the program asks to enter your credentials. Therefore, you will need to register on the Spotify website. Since we are not in Europe and not in the United States, it is necessary to resort to a little trick - to change your ip-address using a special program. You can do this using TunnelBear, as described in this article, I used a similar utility called Surf Anonymous Free, which has no restrictions on the traffic and allows you to change your address to the US that we are well suited.

Thus, the address changed, the account recorded (Facebook required), the app downloaded and installed. When you first start you will be asked to enter login details and you're done - you are welcome in Spotify!

Spotify music catalog

With the free model, we use all available for listening to millions of songs Spotify music catalog. As creators say, to listen to it would take about 80 years of continuous playback and it is not given that 10,000 tracks are added daily. Additionally, you can listen to music stored on your computer. The downside is mandatory commercials: about 15-20 seconds every 3-4 songs, but it is quite bearable.

The application interface is a classic media player to the left panel of links, display the list of tracks and other information in the middle and the bottom playback controls. To the right is displayed, another panel that is responsible for interaction with friends, Facebook and other social functions.

If you do not know what you want to hear, then you can start with the New What's in this section, which shows the latest albums, top tracks and popular playlists. Well, if you want something specific, you can search it by using search. The base at the service really huge and even has a certain amount of our music.

App Finder

Particular attention should be paid to the App Finder section, which contains a special supplement, largely expand the program. Describe all of their functions too long, we mention only the most-most. So, Spotify Radio allows you to listen to the radio, based on your preferences, adds support for same name service, Top Listsotobrazhaet lists of the most popular artists, albums, songs, aRolling Stone Recommends lets you listen to music selections from the most popular music magazine. In the near future promise to expand the list of extensions.

Within the short note difficult to fit all the features of this wonderful player, so leave behind the scenes playing local music playlists and work with the social component. In any case, you probably already knew that Spotify - is a great choice for all music lovers, offering listening to a huge catalog of songs for free. Well, except for a certain amount of advertising, of course.

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