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 Instructions on how to get 1000 pokeballs in Pokemon Go

Pokeball is a special ball that can be used to catch Pokémon. The easiest way to find Pokeball in Pokestopah located throughout the city. Also it can be obtained as a reward or buy Pok-coins. We strongly recommend sparingly Pokeballs.

There are several types of pokeballs(four):

Normal - it is very easy to get, it costs less than all, if you buy it for Pok-koinsy. Standard pokeball help you in catching almost all Pokemon, not counting of course the legendary and epic.


Large pokeball - compared with the standard, it has a higher price. It has a somewhat greater efficiency in capturing Pokémon. Available with 12-level coaching.



Ultrapokeball - will appear in the game to achieve level 20. One of the most powerful and expensive superior balls in the game.



Pokeball of masters - the strongest improved ball in Pokemon GO. He has not been seen, but it sure is! Meets mega rare, it costs a lot of money. If you are lucky enough to own a master-ball, we recommend to reserve it for the hunting of the rarest Pokémon.



How to get improved pokeballs in Pokemon Go for free? Very simple. Especially for this at every step the developers have created for you Pokestopy. Once you reach the required level, pokestop will issue you the appropriate pokeballs free. It is important to know that your start-up capital at the beginning of the game - all 50 Poke-balls.

How to throw pokeball? Once a player finds a Pokémon before, animal located in the center of the screen of the gadget. Below you will notice the same pokeball you want to run in the Pokémon. From a player depends on how well and hard he throws pokeball. Do not lose sight of the color circle that appears around the Pokémon. Green says that fishing is light, shades of Orange and yellow - on average, a red circle warns that the coach will have to sweat.

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