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Social Networks. The Internet today is difficult to imagine without the social networks. Many Internet users unadvanced still associated only with "Facebook" and "vk".
The once small projects, through which you can only exchange messages with friends and acquaintances, have grown into huge social and media giants that are just "trampled" by all the internet space.

Sport. This kind of activity is hardly earnings, many associate this activity more as entertainment. But with the right approach, with sober calculation using the rates you can earn. It's not everyone's strength, gambling people I do not advise you to start to do it, as this can lead to gambling addiction. All is well when in moderation. Well, if you constantly watch sporting events, this activity will add excitement when watching games favorite teams.

CAPTCHA - fully automated Turing test for the detection of computers and people. Simply put captcha - it is a picture which shows the little "fuzzy" numbers and letters, to recognize that only by man. I think everyone ever met captcha registering on websites or posting messages on the forums. Enter the captcha for money is one of the easiest ways to make money online. The simplest in the sense that in this way can make anyone without special training and education. But light this kind of earnings can not be called. Enter the captcha requires constant

Paid Online Surveys - it is marketing and sociological research on the Internet aimed at the study of the demand for one or another type of goods or services. The essence of the earnings: you fill out the questionnaire, uchavstvuete in various surveys, and for that receive money. This is not a stable income, because the work appears as polls revenues that come via e-mail.

Earnings on clicks is that you click on the advertising links, reading paid emails that contain advertising links, surf on the advertiser's site. This way you increase the traffic to these sites - and for that you get paid! Earn on the Internet for clicks anyone can, without having certain skills and experience. Therefore, I recommend that novices begin with clicks.

Games. Just want to say that not everyone will be able to make money playing poker, it is not given to everyone. In poker, as in any other game of chance, there is the risk of being left with nothing. Therefore, we must carefully study all the poker rules and strategy games. As evidence that poker can earn a lot of money I will give data that has published the press center of the inspection of the Ministry of Taxes and Levies of the Brest region. Breschanin in 2011 paid tax of 267.8 million. Rubles, the income was derived from earnings in the online poker rooms. For those who do not know the tax in the Republic of Belarus on individuals is 12% of earned income, is not difficult to calculate how much this citizen earned for the year.

Copywriting - the activity of writing advertising and presentation of texts for promoting products and services. In other words, copywriting - writing texts is for commercial purposes, so work as a copywriter is one of the most lucrative ways to make money on the Internet. A good copywriter will always be honored and respected among webmasters and optimizers, it is also a prestigious activity. However, this title has to be earned through effort and constant work on oneself.

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