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A few words about the game

Pokemon Go - best known performance of the year in 2016 summer! It represents the most million. Fellows according to the whole world! Than after this execution obsche6stvennost struck in the year with DES? TI up to 65 years? Extraordinary Feature of The animal Gow became a blooper kompyutornyh types of action located around our planet with you. Execution of forced mass fellows go out in the search for Pokemon, what should Catch. This significant and a good time, the most important challenges the existence of a fixed and a closure.

Game Gameplay

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In Pokemon Go formed always Pokemon, so (way perfectly known to us - so (properly referred to as the first origin -. Initial Squirtle (Squirtle), Charmander (Charmander), Bulbasaur (Bulbasaur) For the purpose of this order to go to the toy should be form a picture, giving it the right way. Rather go with its own device in the street and float fun. with support for GPS, picture player roams according to the conventional map of the territory, in this case, just as you walk in the society according to the actual planet. in the case of stay close with your pokemon addition informs you and recommends to find it using the camera in your gadget to catch Pokémon allowed, throwing him an electric pokebol -.. a special trap also allowed to buy Pokemon differently -. with egg supporting their supposed to find in a shopping the center of the fun either pokestopah.? ichko gidroinkubator fit in, where the favorite is recruited forces.

Stardust game

For any izlovlennogo Pokémon will be awarded trophies: Astral dusting and candy (MONETARY UNIT Pokemon Go). They are applicable in order to increase the combat strength Pokemon. Sweetie is used in addition and for the purpose of pumping and evolve your little animals. In addition to this, Pok-candy is allowed to earn, returns conditionality Pokémon doctor. Pokecoins (Pok-coins) may be purchased for real finances in official mall (STO coins - $ 0.99). Due to the Pok-coins in this game because the mall is allowed to buy the desired bun that will simplify your life activity embodied in Pokemon Go. Always go to the reception capacity backpack P? TSOT units.

Pokemon Go lends credibility to feel yourself a coach of your Pok-pupils. As they should be developed with the aim of Pokémon battles with other teachers. Subsequently, the extraction of the 5th degree, the participant has the opportunity to pick up a game with 3 coachers companies that will compete with another comrade in battle. Any alliance includes own faction: determination, mystery (the mind), the sixth sense.

In crowded areas and really put pokestopy creators, revealing that may be necessary to purchase the property and also the admission to gyms. Gimy - given this situation, where permitted to compete with other Pokémon trainers. Any one with a GIM maintains orders coaching after that own Pokemon attacking and overcoming instructions. The power protection room is depending from the number of those who are in silent Pokemon. If, due to instructions defeats degree Gima accelerate to zero, winners take the hall itself.

The main factor of fun prosperity allowed to characterize in this case, what brings sympathy solitary fellows, this bright new contacts and peace. The animal game - the first part, the execution of conditional reality, not the calling of special industrial devices. Does not need this (way because podzabyvat and in Sensing nostalgia girth of today's young fellows. Most likely, anyone with you at an early age looked known eroanime cartoon relatively funny Pokemon and expensive Pikachu. In the period wanted Pokémon increases interest in the attractions of the state, areas and monuments. By this fact, the performance of forcing users to exist most intense existence, adjusting health.

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Download txt how to get a lot of stardust, coins and candy free

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